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Bypass FRP Samsung C5 – All Methods

Bypass FRP Samsung C5

Are you looking for Bypass FRP Samsung C5? If so, then you are in the right place. in this article, We provided all method that will help bypass google account on your Samsung C5 with and without a computer.

Factory Reset Protection feature helps you protect your data on your Samsung mobile that runs on Android Lollipop 5.0 or above if your phone is stolen or lost so the theft cant access to your phone data, and after a hard reset the phone you must enter your GMAIL Account and password to open it. But do not worry, in bypassfrp you can Bypass FRP Samsung C5 easily with more than one method.

To make your Samsung devices more useful and secure google added a new feature called FRP ”Factory Reset Protection” if your device is lost or stolen, but sometimes you forgot the Gmail account or the password, and once you hard reset your Samsung first thing you need to activate the device is Google Account that was previously synced on this device, to verify that you’re the owner of the Samsung device, so without this account you can’t access the device unless you have this google account.

Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Via SAMSUNG FRP TOOL

  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy C5 mobile to your Wi-Fi and Go back to the Welcome page.
  • Download the SAMSUNG FRP TOOL 2020 then Run SamsungFrp2020.exe

  • Click on Disable Drivers Signatures and restart the computer.

  • Run SamsungFrp2020.exe again and Connect your Samsung Galaxy C5 to the Wi-fi.

  • Click on Bypass FRP and wait until the drivers Installing.

  • An Easy firmware page was open On your Samsung Galaxy C5 and Click on View.

  • A Browser was opening automatically, so you can Remove FRP Bypass Google Account on your Samsung Galaxy C5 device.

Unlock FRP Samsung C5 Via Samsung setup wizard

1- Power On your Samsung C5 & Connect it to the WiFi network.

2- At the same time in Turn OFF Wifi & Next then keep tapping on the screen several times until the Samsung setup wizard keeps stopping pops up. ”Try it until works”.

3- App Info >> Permissions.

4- Search logo >> search for Setting >> back arrow.

5- Search bar >> search for Wifi >> Turn ON Wifi.

6- Go back to App permissions >> search for Chrome >> Open.

7- Download and install FRP VnROM and don’t open it.

8- Download and install Apex Launcher  & open it.

9- Setting >> biometrics and security >> other security settings >> device admin apps >> Turn OFF Find My Device.

10- Setting >> APPS >> Google Play Services >> Disable >> Disable app

11- Setting >> Accounts and backup >>  Accounts >> add account >> Google.

12- Login in with a working Google account.

13- Setting >> apps >> Disabled  >> Enable Google Play Services.

14- Restart your Samsung C5 and the FRP Lock Bypass Without Pc Via Samsung setup wizard.

FRP Unlock Samsung C5 via Pin Windows

1- Power On your Samsung C5 & Connect it to the WiFi network.

2- Google verification page >> Setting >> Swipe, Touch, and feedback >> Touch feedback >> Sounds and vibration.

3- Ringtone >> SIM 1 >> Add Icon >> Deny.

4- SIM 1 >> Add Icon >> Deny & don’t ask again.

5- SIM 1 >> Add Icon >> Settings.

6- Permissions >> Search Icon >> Search for Pin Windows.

7- Turn ON Pin Windows >> Use screen lock type to unpin.

8- Set up a PIN Lock code for your Samsung C5.

9- Reboot the Samsung C5 and You have successfully unlocked google account lock from your Samsung C5 via Pin windows.

 Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Via EMERGENCY CALL method

1- Turn ON Samsung C5 mobile.

2- Connect your Samsung device to the Wi-Fi and Go back to the Welcome page.

3- Turn On TalkBack by Tab with two fingers on the screen.

4- Double Click on EMERGENCY CALL.

5- Type 112 then make a call and Double Click on + Icon quickly.

6- Click 3 times on the Home button to Turn OFF TalkBack.

7- Click on Add to contacts and add a new contact then click on SAVE.

8- Now click on the contact you added and send a new message

9- Type: www.youtube.com and send the message.

10- Tab on the link and the youtube app open.

11- Click on any link on the description to open a google chrome page.

12- Download and install Apex Launcher then click on open.

13- Setting>> Biometrics and security>> other security settings>> Device admin apps.

14- Turn OFF Find My Device.

15- Setting>> Apps>> 3 Dots>> Show system apps.

16- Google Play Services>> Disable.

17- Download and install Pangu FRP unlocker Apk.

18- Setting>> Cloud & accounts>> add account.

19- Google>> Sign in with a Gmail account.

20- Setting>> apps>> Disabled.

21- Enable Google Play Services.

22- Reboot your Samsung C5 mobile and its done Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Via EMERGENCY CALL method.

Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Via Hushsms method

1: Insert a sim card with an SMS plan in an unlocked phone

2: Download and install Hushsms then click on open.

 3: Insert a sim card without pin code In the FRP locked device.

4: Turn ON The FRP locked device and Connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

5: In the unlocked phone Click on WAP PUSH SL.

6: Enter the phone number of the recipient that is inside FRP locked device.

7: In the Message field type: Youtube.com then Click on SEND WAP PUSH SL.

8: A message appears in the locked device click on OK then the youtube app open

9: Tap on Account and click on Terms & privacy policy then the browser will open automatically.

10: Download and install FRP Bypass APK then click on open.

11: Google Account Manager APK Install>> Version 5.0, Then install Google, Account Manager, APK.

  • Version 5.0: Android 8 or Android 9.
  • Version 6.0: Android 6.

12: Bypass FRP>> BROWSER SIGN IN>> 3 dots>> Browser sign in>> Login in with a google account.

13: Reboot your Samsung Galaxy C5 and its done Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Via Hushsms method.

Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Via Assistance method

1- Power ON Samsung C5 Device.

2- Connect your Samsung C5 to the Wi-Fi.

3- Add network>> Type anything>> Assist >>Chrome.

4- Download and install Google Account Manager Android 6.0.1 APK.

5- Download and install Quick Shortcut Maker APK.

6- OPEN>> Google Account Manager>> TRY.

7- Three Dots >>Browser Sign-in >> Sign in with a GMAIL Account.

8- That’s it!! Restart your Samsung C5 and you Bypass Google Account FRP Protection on the Android 6.0 Via Assistance method.

Bypass FRP Samsung C5 Via Combination file

1- Download Samsung C5 Combination file

C5000ZCU1APF3 Combination ROM

2- Boot your Samsung C5 into Download Mode:

  • Turn OFF your Samsung mobile.
  • Press & hold Home Button+ Volume Down Button+ Power Button for a few seconds.
  • Release all keys Once the WARNING displayed, then press the Volume up Button to Continue.
  • Connect your Samsung C5 device to your PC.

3- Download and Lunch the Odin Tool.

4- Click on AP and import the Samsung C5 Combination ROM.

5- Click Start to begin the installation.

6- Once the PASS message Displayed, disconnect your Samsung C5 from PC

7- Power ON your Samsung C5.

    • SettingsAbout phone> build number.
    • Tab 7 times on build number.
    • Developers Options appeared on the previous screen.
    • Press & check USB Debugging.

8- Finally, update your Samsung C5 by installing stock ROM from HERE.

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Notice: If the method given above does not work, you can leave a comment below and I will help you bypass FRP lock on your Samsung C5 for free. we will always be up to date with new methods that work well.


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