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Download Android X-Soft Tool v2.2 – Best Android Repair Tool

Download Android X-Soft Tool

Android X-Soft Tool is a Free Repair tool Developed by Renas Khalil from X-Soft Team to help Android users to Factory Reset, Remove User Locks, Read & Remove Pattern Lock, Read & Wipe Security, Read & Write QCN, Remove FRP, Read, Erase Partitions, Remove Mi Account, Fix S-Health Knox, Bypass Samsung Account, Fix Wifi Forgetting, Set SIM Count, Fix MIPI Problem, Remove Security Notice, Enable Dog Mode, Enable Data Icon, Enable Hidden Menu, Fix Sprint, Install Magisk & Magisk Manager, Install SuperSU, and Enable Hidden Language Just Download Android X-Soft Tool and Installed on your computer, and run X-Soft Tool as an administrator, so here is a full complete Guide on how to Use Super Unlock Tool.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. Unfortunately, it can also be the most frustrating to work with when your device gets damaged. You can’t expect someone to fix your phone if you can’t even get them to boot up. That’s why it’s important to have a tool that will allow you to perform the repairs you need. X-Soft Tool v2.2 is the best Android repair tool for your needs.

X-Soft Tool is a powerful Android repair tool that allows you to recover deleted data, back up and restore your device, and fix various problems on your Android phone. The application is easy to use and gets the job done quickly.

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Download Android XSoft Tool

Here you can download the Android X-Soft_Tool. All Android devices work well with this Tool.

  • File Name: X-Soft Tool_v2.2 [Setup] Upload By bypassfrp.net.rar
  • Size: 16.34 MB
  • Supported OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Download Link: Mediafire
  • Password: bypassfrp.net


How To Install Android X-Soft Tool v2.2

  • Run X-Soft Tool_v2.2 [Setup].exe as administrator.
  • Check to Create a Desktop Shortcut then click Next

  • Click Install to begin the installation.

  • Wait until the installation finishes.

  • Click finish to launch the X-Soft Tool.

How To Use Android X-Soft Tool

  • Qualcomm
    • Factory Reset [User + Cache] via EDL Mode
    • Remove User Locks [4.x 5.x 6.x Encrypted Data] via EDL Mode
    • Remove Pattern Lock [Uncrypted Data] via EDL Mode
    • Read Pattern Lock [Uncrypted Data] via EDL Mode
    • Wipe Security [Xiaomi] via TWRP Mode
    • Read, Write QCN via Diag Mode and FTM Mode

  • EMMC
    • Read Informations
    • Remove FRP
    • Factory Reset [Safe Mode]
    • Factory Reset [Deep Mode]
    • Remove Screen Locks
    • Remove Pattern Lock
    • Read Pattern Lock
    • Wipe Security
    • Read Security
    • Write Security
    • Read, Erase Partitions
    • Remove FRP oneclick for 32 Models
    • Remove Mi Account oneclick for 32 Models

  • Samsung
    • Read Information
    • Remove Screen Lock
    • Fix S-Health Knox
    • Bypass Samsung Account
    • Fix Wifi Forgetting
    • Set SIM Count
    • Fix MIPI Problem
    • Remove Security Notice
    • Remove Lock Screen [System UI]
    • Enable Dog Mode [Root]
    • Enable Data Icon [No Root]
    • Enable Hidden Menu [Sprint]
    • Set SIM Count [Double]
    • Fix Sprint ‘device restricted’

  • Android
    • APK Manager
    • Read Information
    • Bypass FRP [ADB Mode]
    • Install Magisk v20.1 [Sidebad]
    • Install Magisk Manager v7.4.0
    • Install SuperSU v2.82 [Sidebad]
    • Install SuperSU v2.82 Apk
    • Enable Hidden Language [Root]
    • Enable Hidden Language [NO Root]
    • Remove Lock Screens [Root]
    • Remove Lock Screens [No Root]

Note: All The Frp Unlock Tools Trusted By Team. we are not responsible if these Tools may cause any harm to your device, Use them at Your Own Risk.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it in the comments.

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    • .exe extension some antivirus may detect it as a threat.You can fix this problem by adding the .exe extension into your Anti-Virus Exclusion/Exception List. If you do NOT trust this software, then DO NOT use it.


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