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Download SAMSUNG FRP Hijacker TOOL

FRP Hijacker TOOL

After performing a factory reset on the phone & restoring it to its original settings, you will be asked for the GMAIL Account that was used for logging in to the phone. If you do not have that GMAIL account, then you wouldn’t be able to log into the phone, and this is where the Samsung FRP Hijacker tool comes to use.

Samsung FRP is used to bypass Google account verification and unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone. This software supports removing the FRP lock without having any issues. The Samsung FRP tool works like a charm on a locked Samsung device by FRP. This Samsung FRP tool for pc is free software.

What is FRP

Factory Reset Protection feature helps you protect your data on your mobile that runs on Android Lollipop 5.0 or above. If your phone is stolen or lost, the thief can’t access your phone data. And after a hard reset of the phone, you must enter your GMAIL Account and password to open it. But do not worry. You can Unlock FRP bypass easily with this tool.

Here is a full complete Guide on how to remove the bypass FRP lock on a Samsung device using Samsung FRP Tool.

Pre-Requirements to use SAMSUNG FRP Hijacker TOOL:

  • Turn Off the Windows Defender or Anti-Virus on your computer.
  • The SAMSUNG FRP Hijacker TOOL works perfectly on Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. and Windows 11 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Take a Backup: Please make a backup of your data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet.
  • An original USB Cable to connect your device to the computer.

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Download Samsung Hijacker TOOL

Here you can download the Samsung FRP Tool for Samsung Device. We have also listed down the supported Samsung devices that work well with this Samsung FRP Tool.

Supported devices:

Supported Samsung Devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1. Samsung galaxy folder SM-G150. Samsung Galaxy Win Pro SM-G3818. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G388, Samsung Galaxy Core Max. Samsung galaxy grand prime. Samsung Galaxy On5, Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime SM-G570. Samsung Galaxy On7. Samsung Galaxy On7 2016, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G710. Samsung Galaxy Grand Max. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Sport. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Samsung Galaxy S6 active, Samsung Galaxy S7 active. Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910. Samsung galaxy s6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Samsung Galaxy J1. Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini, Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace. Samsung Galaxy J1 2016, Samsung Galaxy J2. Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro, Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy J5 2016. Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Neo. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung GALAXY Note 5. Samsung GALAXY Note 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Samsung Galaxy A3 2016, Samsung Galaxy Express 2…

How To Use Samsung FRP Hijacker TOOL

  • Run Frp Hijacker V1.0 setup. then click Next
  • Enter Password: www.gsmhagard.com & Click Next.

Samsung FRP Tool

  • Click Next

Samsung FRP Tool

  • Then Click Next
  • Finally, Click Finish

  • Launch FRP HiJacker by Hagard Tool. and Select your Samsung Model.

  • Connect Samsung Galaxy device to laptop via USB cable. and enter Download mode then Click on Scan.

  • Check Remove FRP then click HIJACK IT. 
  • Enjoy!! FRP is Removed on your Samsung device in one click.

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  1. thanks a lot for sharing such a beautiful tools.
    I need a tool that can help in enabling USB debugging mode on Samsung frp locked devices. thanks again

  2. HI Joe,

    I have been using the 2020 Samsung Tool. Great work!! I must ask why it only works half the time. Sometimes the browser event fails and others, it succeeds per the software, but it does not open on the phone.

    1. Phone is Hard Reset
    2. I boot the computer and software, attach the phone and wait for it to load drivers.
    3. I disable drivers.
    4. I reboot the computer
    5. I bypass and it never 100% is consistent.

    Should I do this with a Windows 7 computer only.

  3. I need help I have an s10+ and tried this method and its not working it says failed to launch or something like that and I’m using windows 10. any other things I can do?

  4. Searching for Samsung MTP Port
    Found at COM4
    Open port
    Reading info
    Model: SM-A207F
    AP: A207FXXU2BTJ1
    CSC: A207FOXM2BTJ1
    CP: A207FXXU2BTH4
    Country: SKZ
    Serial Number: R9WM919XLCJ
    Unique Number: W15474430197B406FA66
    IMEI 1: 358244104886165
    IMEI 2: 358245104886162
    Installing Drivers…
    Launching browser event
    Finished, Press ‘view’ on device screen to open the browser then continue to bypass FRP

  5. Samsung S7 edge – factory reset but blocked by frp
    I get as far as launch browser event and press view on Samsung screen
    then get screen with ‘Update for a better YouTube’
    When I press UPDATE it goes back to ‘Verify Google Account’ screen.

    Any ideas that could help me ?

  6. hello Joe !!!

    thank you for your tool.
    I have this web browser opened (I clicked on “view” button).
    But now, I don’t understand step 6. How can I remove FRP now ? (I can’t acces to settings to disable FRP on developer options / I can’t download APEX LAUNCHER APK: download start but I d’ont see complete download)
    Another idea ?

    thank you a lot.

  7. Ive tried to use this on 2 different Samsung phones, on one it goes all the way to where it reboots and says frp is gone and the other doesnt go that far but both of them still have the frp on and both are still asking for the last person that synced to sign in. I just dont know what else to do or where to go and I desperately need to use these phones (one was bought used for me for $50. and cant even use it). If you need more details let me know and I will send you whatever you need but please please help me please. Thanks

  8. i have a j727v and icant get it to bypass frp ive tried like 30 things when i use hijacker tools it gets all the way to rebooting phone part and then freezes plz help

  9. I have the j3 emerge, and I get to the restart phone part and it freezes and in the upper left corner of the phone it says “SECURE CHECK FAIL: userdata”.

  10. protocal version error! Use latest version SW REV CHECK FAIL : [user data]
    Fused 2 > Binary 0
    Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed :userdata

    Just restarted phone about to check it out… Any idea what this means????

  11. Good day

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A02 which has both the FRP Google account and Pattern and wanted to know if this application will work on this phone


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